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Culture shock

November 25, 2013

I noticed that I've never taken a bath since I left Japan when I was talking about culture shock in my class. Then I miss a bath so much. Almost every Japanese take a bath every day, but its unusual thing in Canada. "Why do you take a bath every day in Japan?" I was asked by other students. Why? I've never thought about this question. Because it just feels good. I also want to ask "Why don't you take a bath every day?" Also I explained that we have to wash our body before we have a bath because we use the same water. Other students were a little surprised.


Asian have common culture though, there are many things different. I didn't care about it because the difference is not that big. However it's interesting things, so I try to write down here.

  • ·         We don't write someone's name in red in Japan because this means death. I felt a little uncomfortable first when I got red ink pen from shopkeeper to white my signature.
  • ·         We can't take leftovers out in restaurants. It's normal here.
  • ·         We don't kiss each other even with our family in public. "It's cold" I was said by other students.
  • ·         We have to pour beer for seniors or boss.
  • ·         We wash clothes every day.

I knew about something, but I realize difference again. The biggest difference thing is people love freedom and equal in Canada. We respect other people's mind in Japan. I don't know which is better. Both culture have positive side and negative side. But human is like that. That's fantastic!





  • ·         日本人は赤インクで人の名前を書かない。赤インクで名前を書くことは死を意味する。だから最初、お店の人に赤ペンをサインするためにもらったときなんだか気持ち悪かった。
  • ·         日本ではレストランで残り物を持ち帰ることができない。でも、ここでは普通。
  • ·         日本人は家族同士でさキスしない。と言ったら「冷たい」と言われました。
  • ·         日本人は上司や先輩にお酌をしなくてはならない。

·         洗濯は毎日。