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無料 資料請求


December 05, 2013

There are many students from other country in ILAC. And everyone proud of own country. We become talkative whenever we talk about own country. There is a map of world in our class, we point own country and say "I'm living here, it's a cold (hot) place. Food is ..."

I noticed that it's weird thing just 70 years ago because our country made war each other. We hated each other in spite of we didn't know each other well. However nowadays students from other country gather in the same class and we respect each other. We have a lot of common interests because of TV or internet or other globalization. Human is human. I feel difference is not much, we have a lot of common things. However they are different ages, they have different job, and they need English because of different purpose. I wouldn't meet a pilot and a doctor and a lawyer as friends.

We might not see each other again. Old students finish school, and new students come...somehow sad but there are nothing we can do.