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December 09, 2013

I finished reading "The Chronicles of NARNIA" which I started reading in September. I could understand sometimes, but I lost immediately whenever war started. I read it 30 minutes every morning. I couldn't enjoy actually because it's too hard for me and also the story is not my thing. But I decided to read everything, so I did. It helped me to improve my English. That's why I'm not good at listening though, reading skill is not but. Anyway, I got it 10 years ago, finally I finished. Somehow I'm satisfied with this.



I have only 2 weeks left to study in ILAC. Time flies. I'm finishing this blog too. I don't want to leave school because I don't have confidence in my English. But it might be important thing that using English outside of school. I started job hunting today. Actually it seems hard to find a job in Toronto. I hope working at something relative tennis opportunity, so I went to 3 indoor tennis clubs to drop my resume. I had butterfly in my stomach. I would be nervous in Japanese, and is even more so in English. I'm not sure if I can go to the interview though...


Interesting English expression 面白いなと思った英語表現

Time flies     時間が飛ぶ!?
I have butterfly in my stomach    お腹の中に蝶々!?

I used them. Try to find meaning :)