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I wish I could speak English more.

July 06, 2013


If you want to work in Canada, you have to get Social Insurance Number(SIN).

I applied at the office 2 weeks ago. I could have the staff send SIN card to me, but I didn't have my home stay address that day. So I decided to come to the office again.

 And today, I went to there. However that wasn't there yet. I didn't want to come again anymore, because the office is pretty far from my home. Today I have the address, so I asked them whether I could have them send that or not.

The answer was "NO". Because that needs money.
However I couldn't understand. Why they could send it another day, but they couldn't today.
She said " You chose to come here that day"

Finally she wrote "Please bring someone who speaks English to help you" on a note, and gave me it. I could understand what she say without the note. I just can't express in English. I was very disappointed. It seemed she didn't want to speak with me anymore.

I can't still understand, but I couldn't object. I wish I could speak English more.








By the way, the ILAC students who take more than12 weeks class can get monthly pass for a discount rate. We have to make TTC Photo ID at Photo Centre though. At first, I didn't know that That's a waste!