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I took my new house!

August 08, 2013

I decided new house on Friday.


I tried to see houses alone. However everyone said it's dangerous. Because some house owners are strange. It seems that one girl was almost shut up and got away. So I asked a friend to go with me.


The house which I saw fist is close to down town. The rent is $500 for a month include electric charge, water bill, Wi-Fi, and furniture. But you have to pay $1.5 for the washing machine and the dryer each. That term is not bad. Some friends have to pay $600. The owner is an old Japanese woman who looks like kind. However I wanted to see next house, so I didn't decide. Another Japanese guy also came looking for house. He had decided that room right away.


The house which I saw second is close to Casa Loma. When I came to Casa Loma, I thought I hope I can live close to there. Because it has the nice atmosphere, it looks like a fancy tale. Finally I decided that house, but I had no idea that I could realize.


It's about 10 minutes from the station by walk. The rent is $400 include almost everything. Besides I don't have to pay for washing machine. Deposit is only $50. However it's the best thing that owner is very kind. The owner is an old couple. They are from Latvia. He told me they immigrated to Canada to avoid trouble of the World War 2.  


When I called them, I was so nervous. Because I had to speak English. It was hard because my English is not good. However I could communicate with them, somehow.

I'm looking forward to living new house J




I saw the squirrel in front of the house. There are many trees.