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Rogers Cup

August 06, 2013

rogers cup1

I went to Rogers cup KID's Day on Saturday and Sunday. Rogers cup is the biggest tennis event in Canada. This is the event, which I really wanted to join volunteer. The volunteer can get premium T-shirts or Polo-shirts and they can watch the match every day for free. 


KID's Day is a kind of festival. The admission fee is free. It's not main tournament. However we can watch preliminary and practice. We can enjoy outlet shopping, time our service's speed, and make a movie which we pretend just like we win the Rogers cup. And we can get a cushion, some samples (body wash, coffee, yogurt and yogurt drink etc...) for free.


I could see Francesca Schiavone and Dominika Cibulkova nearby on Saturday. They were practicing. Their foot work were very light. And their hit point were always constant. They kept their back straight. 


rogers cup2

rogers cup3

I could see Laura Robson on Sunday. She came the autograph session. I lined and got her autograph. She said to me "Hi" I felt awkward, because she is professional tennis player. I could say just "Thank you. Good luck"

日曜日にはサイン会に来てくれた、ローラ・ロブソンに会えました。サインもらいましたよ。列に並んで 笑。ローラ・ロブソンがわたしに「Hi」って言ってくれました。プロの選手にそう言ってもらって、なんだか照れてしまいました。

rogers cup4

I really want to see main tournament, but I gave up. Because I'm going to watch US open. I keep pleasure these days. 


rogers cup5


rogers cup6

Those pictures are with friend's. They went with me for me.