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New Life

September 11, 2013


I said good bye to my home stay mom. It was very fun. I'm appreciate of it.

around here

My new house is on the hill. It's close to Casa Loma. I can see CN tower it's the symbol of Canada. There are many woods, I can see squirrels every day. I'm very lucky, because the owner couple is very nice.

meal 1

meal 2

The most different thing is what I have to go shopping and I have to cook by myself. I was a little worried about cooking because I didn't cook so much in Japan. But I could do it, and it's pretty fun. I often make spaghetti because it's cheap.

I got whole chicken, because it's only $6. It was a little disgusting. Because I could guess this part was wing, this part was legs, this part was chest... But everything is useful. I made soup stock with chicken bones.


I had to get seasoning at first. Some of them are a little difficult to get in Canada. I got Katakuri powder and basis of Japanese soup(Dashi no Moto) basis of Chinese soup, and dried bonito(Katuobushi) etc in Japanese town. You could find food which you want to get there.