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New Class

September 14, 2013


My vacation was over, I'm going to the school again. I could pass the test, my class is Pre-Advance now.

My new teacher is a little strict. She requires being on time for sure, speaking English only, no dictionary, no cellphone. There are no new things, but requiring completely is very difficult. Because students  always broke the rules. She doesn't miss that student. However she is very good teacher. Her class has good tempo. She is good at a pat on the back. I was leaned about a praise at job training in Japan. It's an important thing for encouraging students. It's true. I don't have to be shy. Because If I say not good answer, she becomes happy with big smile.  

ILAC is a big school. You can change your teacher, if you don't like the class.
I also changed my class last time. Because I felt I didn't have any chance speaking in that class. My friend recommended me her teacher. So I changed to her class. Of course I got satisfied, that teacher is very good.
So don't be shy, change your class, if you feel the class doesn't match with you. Don't waste of time and money :(

My new class had 2 teenagers (one of them finished the class), but the girls were mature. Not only that girls but also other many members are mature too. Especially the Latin people can speak English well, and they are energetic. Besides everyone are younger than me. To tell you the truth, I really envy them. I'm disappointed about myself. Why I can't do that like them?
However I know, their background are completely different. Asian has also good points. I should keep my pace.  I just need to respect them.