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New Skill

October 27, 2013

It's already winter here. It's so cold... How about Japan? I guess it's getting cooler after long hot days.


I attended meeting of volunteer librarian last Tuesday. I had to talk about "What new skills did I get recently?"

It is ability of guess, I think. There are a lot of people from other country in ILAC. Sometimes it's hard to understand what they say because of different pronunciation or different culture. It's easy way that listen completely than listen carefully. For example "I went to Brazilian ----- last night. I was excited, so I drank too much. I have a headache today" Can you guess the answer? ----- is "party". You don't have to hear every word. Intonation and tone of voice are also helpful. You can understand speaker's emotion even if you can't hear everything. I didn't learn about it in my high school.