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November 10, 2013

Japan has many good points. It's pretty safe, we have high quality technologies, products and services. These things are amazing. I didn't notice that because it was too normal for me, but I realized in Canada. Subway is not working until 10 am, and almost all shops are close early on Sunday. Subways, buses are delay everyday here, sewing and bookbinding are not good, and servers are sometimes rude. A lot of electricity is made from Japan. Many international students have watched Japanese animations and played video games.

On the other hand. The working culture is a dinosaur. Many people work a long time without pay. Bosses have a big power, so it's hard to say individual opinion. There are many sexual harassment and no countermeasures. There are many suicides who felt difficulty in their company. In Canada, these things are less. Many people go home on time and spend time for family or themselves. Between bosses and workers are almost equal. If men say indecent word even like "You have a nice body", they are going to be fired right away.

I hope Japanese working culture progress.


日本ってすごいですよ。まあまあ安全だし 、技術や製品、サービスの質は高いし。  本当にすごいって思います。日本にいたときはあたりまえすぎて気づかなかったんですがカナダにいるとわかってきます。カナダでは、日曜になると、地下鉄が午前10時になるまで動きませんし、だいたいのお店は早く閉まってしまいます。地下鉄やバスが遅れるのは毎日のことだし、縫製や製本は適当だし、ときどきサービスがなってないときもあります。多くの電化製品は日本製で、多くの外国人留学生は日本のアニメを見ていて、日本のゲームで遊んだことがあります。